Reiki for beginners

Like the video? Reiki is life force energy that can be channeled to facilitate healing on physical, …

Learn Reiki in Ten Minutes

Dr. Shipon teaches the essence of Reiki in 10 minutes. Dr. Shipon is a licensed psychologist in New Jersey (#4738) and has been a Reiki Master for 16 years.

Intense Reiki Meditation

To get the most out of this video, use stereo headphones and enjoy.There is also a playlist in the featured tab.

Curso de Reiki Completo 1/26

Curso Integral de Reiki Completo Este curso consta de 26 partes de video las cuales se dividen asi: CURSO 1: -Curso de Reiki -Historia del Reiki -Que es Reiki …

How to do Chakra Dhyana [Meditation] ?

Chakras are energy centres in the pranic body or the energy body. The human organism comprises not merely the gross physical body but several other sheaths …

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