December 25, 2019
December 25, 2019

5 Reasons to Love Motherhood


Motherhood is a gift and no one could ever take that gift away from you. Before the time of conception, you are being prepared to become the perfect mother to your beloved. Your entire being has been designed to become fit as a mom.

As soon as the baby is born, you would realize that you possess certain characteristics, talents, and abilities that you didn’t know exist hadn’t you become a mother. That is why there is no such thing as incompetent mom, there is however, someone who is just not willing to take on the responsibility.

Whether you have been a mom for a long time already or still about to embark the journey, know for a fact that there’s so many things to love about motherhood. Here are some of the reasons why:

Unending support

Motherhood is not a walk in the park. There will be lots of challenges and roller coaster rides along the way – and this is normal. You would experience occasional bouts of intense emotions or perhaps experience tremendous stress during the first years due to lack of sleep and physical tiredness.

Despite of all the difficulties experience by a mother, it is actually the perfect time to see and know how much support you have around you. Your spouse would be the first one to be there for your needs (especially in the emotional aspect) & your immediate relatives like your own mother will be there to guide you every step of the way, teaching you what and what’s not in raising a child.

This support you’ll receive won’t be at par with the support you experienced in the past, because the support shown to you will have a significant impact to your entire motherhood experience.

Sense of accomplishment

No one said that raising up a child is easy. In fact, there are no shortcuts to it. The complexities of motherhood will what makes it very challenging and exciting for every single mother out there. Once you break through from all the challenges you face, that will be the time you would begin to feel a deep sense of accomplishment for yourself.

A connection with your own child

An opportunity like this does not always come. Being a mother gives you opportunities to see and discover the world of your own flesh and blood and also lets you have a deeper sense of connection with them.

You get to embrace them with your own arms, play with them, talk with them anytime of the day, and even sleep beside them all through the night. Being able to get connected to your own child is a priceless gift that does not happen all the time.

Opportunities to watch them grow

Children don’t stay where they are. They grow to become mature and independent. The opportunity to be able to watch them grow from being an infant down to becoming an adult is truly rewarding. It is even more amazing to think that you will be there in their most promising time to be their number 1 supporter.

As they grow, you begin to see what their interests are and see how those interests evolve to be their strengths and capabilities.

Bundle of Joy

Even in the most trying times, your child can be your ultimate joy and satisfaction. Children are a heritage, a reward, and a blessing to families. Most parents would agree that children can be your source of strength when times are tough, and joy when things go rough.

They will serve as your inspiration in everything you do. In the past all you did was for yourself, but now you get a sense of purpose in everything you do- and all of them for your children. As a parent, you would always want their best interest in mind. And while you busy yourself raising up your child, you will also feel the joy of being their mother.

Motherhood is both hard work and joy. They go hand in hand and that makes it very rewarding. Motherhood may not be for everyone, but to those who have been honed by it, they would be more than willing to share to everyone their experience of motherhood bit by bit.

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