December 21, 2019
December 21, 2019

5 Stress-Free Tips To Successfully Give Your Child Medicine


It’s no surprise that your little one doesn’t like the taste of medicine – you hated it when you were young, too! Apart from the not-so-appealing taste of most medications, anyone who’s feeling sick simply don’t have the taste buds or appetite for just about anything.

But sick children do need to take their doctor-recommended medicines to get better, so here are some effective tips and tricks to successfully give your child medicine:

Provide choices

Young ones tend to lose their self-control especially when they don’t feel well, that’s why it’s extremely helpful to guide them and provide them choices in every step towards recovery.

When it’s time for medicine, present them with different options that will make them feel they’re in control – how they take it (from a cup or syringe, with your help or by themselves), when they take it (before or after their sponge bath) and where they it (sitting in bed, on the couch while watching TV or at the play room).

Just be sure to supervise them if they choose to take it themselves!

Give it the right way

Oftentimes, children hate taking medicine because of the taste but sometimes the way it’s given to them is also a major reason. They tend to choke or gag, so be sure the medication is given in quantities that the child can swallow properly (divide larger doses, especially medicine with thick consistency, into smaller parts).

For babies, do not squirt the medicine directly to the throat. Squirt it into the lower cheek instead, waiting for them to swallow before squirting more. Always give medicine in a seated or upright position!

Always have a positive approach

A child needs to understand that taking medicine is not a punishment, so always approach with a positive attitude. Don’t forget to give praise if she took it without a struggle!

Give rewards

If you are really struggling to give medication to your little one, prepare a box of little goodies (small toys, stickers etc.) where he can pick out anything he likes after taking medicine. Young children are motivated by rewards and incentives, plus your sick little one deserves some fun!

Explain why it’s important

Younger children won’t understand, but you can explain why taking medication is important to school-age children. Let them know that the sooner they take it, the sooner they’ll get better and be able to play!

Try these stress-free tips to successfully give your child medicine!

Angela Kidd is an author and illustrator, a wife and a mother to 3 beautiful kids. In her spare time, she would personally create storybooks and coloring books for her children for fun and they loved it.. And so did she. Angela quit her job and created her own line of educational activity books for children of various ages, with the main goal of making learning fun! You can check out some of Angela’s amazing books

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