February 3, 2020
February 3, 2020



Early Luton

6th Century The Saxons conquer Bedfordshire

10th Century Luton has grown into a busy little town

1139-1154 A castle exists in Luton. It gives Castle Street its name.

1336 Luton is badly damaged by a fire

1645 A skirmish takes place in Luton during the Civil War

18th Century A straw hat making industry booms in Luton

1757 Luton Hoo is built

1797 A bridge is built over the River Lea

19th Century Luton

1801 The population of Luton is 3,095

1834 Luton gains gas light

1847 Luton Town Hall is built

1848 Luton is struck by cholera

1850 A Board of Health is formed in Luton

1854 Luton gains its first newspaper

1858 The railway reaches Luton

1865 Luton gains a piped water supply

1872 Luton gains its first hospital

1876 Luton is made a borough

1877 Luton Chamber of Commerce is founded

1885 Luton Town FC is founded

Modern Luton

1901 The population of Luton is 38,926

1904 The council purchases Wardown estate and makes it a park

1905 Vauxhall comes to Luton

1908 Trams begin running in Luton

1909 The first cinema in Luton opens

1919 Luton Town Hall is burned during a riot

1931 Wardown House is made a museum and art gallery

1932 Trams in Luton cease as buses have replaced them

1936 A new Town Hall is built in Luton

1937 A new Court House is built

1938 Luton Airport opens

1939 Luton and Dunstable Hospital opens

World War II In Luton 107 people are killed by German bombing

1962 A new Central Library is built

1960s Luton has a population of over 130,000

1972 The Arndale Centre is built

1991 Wigmore Park Shopping Centre is built

1997 Luton is made a Unitary Authority

1998 The Galaxy Leisure Centre is built

1999 Luton Airport Parkway Station is built

2002 Car production in Luton ends

2007 St Georges Square is redeveloped

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