January 6, 2020
January 6, 2020

How to Correct Someone Without Embarrassing or Angering Them


Do you know someone who is blundering some way? Do not pinpoint his mistakes directly. Why? Because s/he may feel less than or humiliated. There is an art to rectify them. How is it possible? Read on to find out.

Here are some ways:

Do not let him understand the motive of your conversation. Start talking with him generally, about his family, what his family members are doing, how he is finding the projects at work and which ones he is finding interesting. Then casually say that there is something you would like him to improve. His get up is not appropriate for office. Ask him to look at the people around him and what they are wearing. No jeans, no sport shoes. Ask him to emulate them right away.

Then tell him everything else is okay with him. You think he is a good and efficient coworker. Buy him lunch and continue your conversation in a light tone until he is comfortable back in his skin. Your objective behind your conversation is fulfilled without embarrassing or angering him.

Another example could be that you are not satisfied with the formatting of a document done by a coworker. The best way to approach him would be to say something good about him at first. For instance, he is always punctual about submitting his work. You let him know that. Then tell him gently what it is about the document you find unsatisfactory. Given the initial praise, your coworker would take in the criticism more openly and happily.

The same applies to your family and kids. Your spouse may be erring somewhere in the household, which you may not like. Don’t let her understand what your intention is behind striking a jolly conversation with her. Let her know politely what she is doing wrong with a household appliance.

Share coffee together and add other topics to your conversation. Then your spouse will be happy to take your advice with no grudges. She will hardly understand the motive behind your conversation and she will be delighted to handle the household appliance in a way you like the next time she uses it.

Teenage kids are hard to handle. Your son may be watching too many movies and cartoons on the TV more than giving time to doing homework and studying. Sit beside your son. Tell him all the good qualities about him- the way he lends a helping hand in the household activities, the way he loves both his parents and grandparents and the way he picks up his friends.

Then in a delicate tone after the good dose, let him know that you are disappointed in him that he neglects doing homework and studying which is an important part of his life. Now is the time to build his foundation in knowledge. If he doesn’t pay attention to school, he will always feel inferior and less than in future. Ask your son if he got your point and whether he will promise to be more regular with school.

Summing up, the two strategies I mentioned in this article are great ways to convince people to do things in a way you like, correcting them with no hard feelings on their side.

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