December 22, 2019
December 22, 2019

Seeka’s Solutions to Three of the Biggest Problems With Studying Abroad


Studying abroad can be one of the most inspiring and enriching experiences in a person’s life. It opens students up to new experiences, new cultures and new connections, which can enable them to succeed and prosper in the future. However, organising an international education can come with a host of problems and complications. Fortunately for the next generation of wannabe international students, there is a new educational app that can solve these problems and dispel the complications that plague most students’ experiences of studying abroad. Here, we will look into three of the biggest issues with studying abroad and explain how the newly-developed Seeka app can put them to bed.

1. Cost
Most students will be well aware of the cost of studying abroad. Higher education institutions in the UK and the USA already burden their domestic students with staggering tuition fees, but for international students it’s even worse. For certain specialised courses, the tuition fees alone can amount to over $50,000 – and then students also need to work out a way to pay their living costs.
Seeka’s university search engine is specifically designed to remedy this issue. After inputting certain details – including the name of the course you want to study, the level of the degree and the countries that interest you – Seeka will present all of the courses in its enormous database that match your criteria. After this, students can filter their results according to a number of factors, including course cost. This makes it easy for students to find courses that are within their budget. As well as this, Seeka provides its users with an overwhelming range of scholarship opportunities, which students can utilise to make their international studies even more affordable.

2. Visas
Researching, understanding and applying for visas can be a long, exhausting and infuriating experience for students looking to study abroad. Definitive information on visa eligibility requirements is commonly illusive and this can cause students strife during the application progress.
Once again, Seeka is here to help. Information about visas for different countries is easily located through the app and is clearly presented. Links to legitimate websites are included and enable students to find useful information about the eligibility requirements and the application process for different countries. Should a student require further assistance, they can turn to Seeka’s expert educational advisors, who are well-versed in the processes behind university and visa applications. By working alongside an educational advisor, the visa application process loses its tedious and time-consuming nature and becomes just another step towards achieving the study abroad dream.

3. Culture Shock
For students who go to study in a country where the culture and customs are very different to that of their home country, culture shock can be a real problem. Acculturation is something that every international student must go through, however some students find it more challenging than others. For those who are particularly worried about how they will assimilate into their new community, Seeka can help.
Seeka provides its users with heaps of information about each university, city and country that is included in its database. By studying this information and following the links provided by the app, prospective students can get a sense of the culture, customs and laws in different cities and countries. Using this information, students can limit their university choices to only those that have a culture they are comfortable with. Having knowledge about their host country’s customs and laws before they get on the plane will also help international students to quickly become part of the community in their new city.

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