January 12, 2020
January 12, 2020

The Miracle Of Smiling


When you share that honest smile, good things are bound to happen. Your beautiful smile can touch someone’s heart and breakaway all barriers of doubt and mistrust. That genuine smile, often communicates that ‘I care… it’s alright… let’s be friends’. That positive smile creates an environment of happiness, love, hope and peace with those you share it with. You make a difference with that smile. You form that miracle when you smile’.

Smiling is not only a welcoming gesture yet a miracle can happen when you share it with a stranger or a friend. Unfortunately, not many people take smiles seriously. For instance, this habit has become a mere formality shaped by cultural social ties that its emotional impact on others is hardly felt. While for some, it’s not in their nature to smile often, the daily hassles of life can even make a brittle smile next to impossible. Many times, I am often intrigued by the innocent smiles of children… it makes me love and hug them often!! Putting this aside,… how about smiling anyway?

It is true that different smiles portray a variety emotions and give out a lot of information about you.

Sometimes,we may find it challenging to smile genuinely? However, you can acquire that wonderful smile if you get the hints below:

1. Imagine the presence of good people around you. Concentrate on doing good, kindness, and feelings of happiness… Joy will affect the smiling curves around the corners of your mouth. Remember that as you focus on these good virtues repeatedly, making it a habit… your smile will blossom and flow so naturally. It will emit different shades of positive light from your face tapping directly into the mind of the one you are sharing it with. The power in that honest smile has to reflect in your eyes, then miracles happens:

  • Feelings of fear turn into boldness
  • Sadness to cheerfulness
  • Loneliness to companionship and a sense of belonging
  • Tears of sorrow into joy.
  • Doubt into trust… and so on.

2. Change to a positive mindset and learn to greet others with a big smile. This will attract people to you.

3. When you spot people looking at you, then return their gaze with that broad, loving smile and hold it for a few seconds. Some will smile back at you, others will come to you and a few will look away because they may not like your smile. But hey! the ice is broken! You can see the miracle of your smile and don’t you feel more confident now? Go on and try it. When you fail the first time, try again and again until the art of smiling is perfected.

The miracle of smiling in good for you because:

1. It is healthy for you – You have heard of the saying ‘ laughter is good medicine for the soul’ ( The Bible book of Proverbs 27:22 )The miracle of smiling follows laughter which will strengthens our immune system, increases your energy levels and lifts up your spirits. You recover easily from from a long illness when you laugh your troubles away, look younger and live longer!

2. It attracts people to you like a magnet- because it makes you more relaxed with others. People love associating with happy people wearing that genuine, contagious and friendly smile.

3. It indicates that you have positive thoughts and emotions about other people.

4. It makes you and the one you give it to feel good.

Now, it’s normal to have a cold stare but can you imagine its effects on others, especially after a hard day’s work?
‘That cold stare can usurp all the positive energy from your tired body and makes those around nervous. When shared and prolonged it signals a cry for help and sadness which is not good for you. A cold expression could mean bitterness and anger. Yet, behind that coldness is a vulnerable heart yearning… for a hug and that genuine smile to make that miracle happen.’

Yes, we can get very tired and don’t look so happy many times. But we shouldn’t allow this become a chronic habit. We must find or make time to give love and smile. A warm smile certainly reduces all the tension and heals the tortured heart. Why not share it?

On the other hand,

Not everyone that shares their smile with you is a genuine person. Like I said before that different smiles convey various emotions. You will meet people from all walks of life who naturally have sly smiles because they are sly too.. These can be crooks or deceitful con artists that use this gesture to get anything from helpless people for selfish gain. While some smiles may indicate nervousness, other smiles worn to cover feelings of awkwardness. Like I said previously, smiles can talk a lot about us.

Give that gracious smile to somebody. Let our smiles flow naturally from the heart at all times. Someone surprised me one time, when we lost a loved one. I was amazed that this lady, whom I didn’t even know, kept glancing at me a contemptuous smile yet the intensity of my grief and those around me at the was overwhelming, at this burial ceremony. There she was, moving around smiling with everyone, so I wondered if a mournful smile, a time of sorrow was so hard for her to put on. Could have been a mental problem or was this smiling technique to make her cope with this tragedy? You could interpret this situation differently but one wonders if we are soon losing out on public etiquette. People like that will cross our paths in life often and you know deep within you that you know need special help. Let our motives in our hearts be pure always in order to make that miracle of smiling happen.

In conclusion, you can choose to share that genuine smile with someone today. It’s not only for your own good but it forms a miracle touching the one who receives it. Like Mother Teresa counsels ” let us make one point that we meet each other with a smile, when it is difficult to smile. Smile at each other, make time for each other in your family.” I love Princess Diana’s radiant and winning smile because it was always followed by acts kindness to people from various walks of life. You can open this link to find out why she inspired the world so much that her miraculous smile was never forgotten.

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