Cryogenic Engine Agreement

Cryogenic Engine Agreement: India`s New Milestone in Space Technology

India has recently made headlines in the international space community with the successful testing of its indigenous cryogenic engine. The country`s space agency, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), signed an agreement with a French company, ArianeGroup, to further develop this technology. The agreement is a significant step towards India`s goal of becoming a major player in the global space industry and providing affordable access to space technology.

What is a Cryogenic Engine?

A cryogenic engine is a rocket engine that uses liquid hydrogen as fuel and liquid oxygen as oxidizer. Cryogenic fuel is stored at extremely low temperatures, making it highly efficient and capable of providing more thrust than other propellants. The usage of such an engine is significant as it is cost-effective, eco-friendly, and allows the rocket to carry a heavier payload.

India`s Cryogenic Engine Development

India`s cryogenic engine technology development had faced numerous challenges for over two decades since the country initiated the project. The country has faced multiple sanctions and technology transfer restrictions; hence the development of the cryogenic engine was delayed. However, India successfully test-fired its first indigenous cryogenic engine on January 5, 2014, using Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-D5).

ISRO and ArianeGroup Agreement

The latest agreement between ISRO and ArianeGroup will promote cooperation and technical exchanges in the field of rocket propulsion technology. The partnership aims to develop and test new-generation high-thrust cryogenic rocket engines, which will help both India and France strengthen their existing space programs.

ArianeGroup, which is the prime contractor for Ariane 5 launch vehicles, has expertise in developing and operating cryogenic engines. The collaboration with ISRO would help the French company expand its reach into the Indian market and facilitate joint research and development efforts.


India`s indigenous cryogenic engine technology is a significant achievement for the country. The successful testing of the engine demonstrated India`s technical capabilities and highlighted the potential benefits of the technology. The partnership agreement between ISRO and ArianeGroup is a critical step towards further developing this technology, which will benefit both countries and contribute to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective space industry.

The collaboration will also help India to push its space program to new heights and achieve its goal of becoming a leading player in the global space industry. The partnership is a testament to India`s commitment to promoting international cooperation and collaboration in the field of space technology. With such significant mile markers, India is well on its way to providing affordable access to space technology.